Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take Time to Evaluate

Well folks, I hope you don't mind, but this will be one of my sober posts.  It's been a week of  sadness, remembering, and comforting.  My dear friend will be closing her earthly eyes for the final time very soon.

She was my babysitter when I was just a girl, and her family was my family.  I have many fond memories from across the road where she lived. 

I made a trip to Ohio this week to be with her, and got to see all of her children, who have given me some fun and funny childhood memories.  I walked thru the rooms that I had walked thru thousands of times during my years as a girl. 

It is sad to say goodbye, and I think one of the best ways to comfort one's self is to know that your dear friends know you love them.  I know my friend knows I love her. 

When I was 18, she gave me a beautiful sweater for Christmas one year.  It was green and black, and had shiny yarn throughout.  I wore it many, many times.  When I stopped wearing it, after several years, I kept it, and kept it in storage because it was given to me by my friend.  I had it until a year ago when my house burned down.  This trip to Ohio sent me home with a few of her coats.  I don't need a coat, but I welcome a piece of her.

I just want to remind everybody that there does come a day when we part from this world.  Most importantly, we need to have our hearts right with Jesus.  (If you would like to know more about Him, please ask!)

Secondly, life happens, misunderstandings and hurt feelings surface, and some fences appear impossible to mend. 

Please take time to evaluate your situations, and make every effort to mend broken fences. 

When a loved one departs, please don't allow pride to cause you to miss an opportunity that will be therapy to your own soul, and to those around you who also need healing in their spirits.  And please don't wait too long.  Just remember, a soft answer turns away wrath, and when people can come together and speak to each other softly, even tho they are hurting, great things can be accomplished.

If you can't talk, send a card-speak softly with your words.  Don't accuse-instead, tell how you feel.  "I feel like my feelings don't matter..." or whatever the case may be.

I do believe some broken fences are really misunderstandings that got out of hand.  And a person can express how they feel without making the hole in the fence larger.  Maybe not every fence can be mended, but I do believe many can be.

I do hope someone will be helped by this post.

I've felt some sadness this week, and it is just a good reminder to all of us to love, help and encourage one another.  Love is a feeling that is not forgotten-I'm glad my friend knows I love her.


Faye said...

You are and have been an inspiration to me many times. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I have a feeling that many people will be affected and changed by them, if they allow themselves to be.

Tammy said...

Simply beautiful...thank you for sharing your special time with your friend with us. Sweet moments like that last a lifetime! Be blessed!

I'm just sayin' said...

Very heartfelt and inspirational. I actually made the other post on Blog Frog before I read this one. She too I am sure has a heart filled with love of you. Now you can continue to plant the seeds of that love in the hearts of others until you join her with our Father in heaven....blessings and hope to you.