Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Poem

Want to know more about me?  My Saturday meme answers are here:


I sit by the window
Longing for you
I cannot reach you
I cry softly
I see you on the other side of the glass
My heart cannot bear it
I leave the window
I cry more vocally now
I wander from room to room
Not knowing how to soothe my aching heart
If I could just get free
Escape this prison of loneliness
To be with you
I would cherish every moment of freedom
I would run
I would play
I would give you such close companionship
But alas, it is not to be so
Please leave, my love!
No longer come near
You tease my breaking heart
As I see you thru the window
How I long to taste freedom.....

.....because Meow Mix doesn't come in mole, mice, birdie or rabbit flavor.

by Chloe, the indoor kitten


Melinda said...

Love it!!!

Heidi ★ said...

hahahaha nice!

Faye said...

That is awesome!!!! Dad and I loved it!!