Friday, September 17, 2010

Is This A Hard Boiled Egg?

You would think that when I was 10 years old(or somewhere near that age), that my mother would spell things out more specifically for me when giving me suggestions.  So the question is, which of us was the bigger ditz?

I found an egg in the refrigerator, and didn't know if it was raw or hard boiled.  Hard boiled eggs are a nice little snack!

It wasn't very nice of me to wake her up, but I stood in the bedroom doorway, and asked my mom if the egg I had in hand was hard boiled.  She didn't know, and said so.  "I don't know-crack it open and see!"

Brilliant!  Why hadn't I thought of that?  So guess what I did???

In the doorway of my parents' bedroom, I cracked open that mysterious little egg.

It wasn't hard boiled. 

So which of us showed our "Blon" roots more, or was my mom just not awake enough to remember she was talking to her "Blon" offspring?

Thankfully, the floor was hardwood.  And yes, I cleaned it up.  =P

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