Monday, May 17, 2010

Question of the Day

I think I'm grateful that today is Monday, and my son is in school.  I sure love that growing boy, but let me tell you about yesterday.

Kota had a friend over for the weekend (EJ lives about 45 minutes from us, so he came over Friday evening and stayed until after church Sunday night).  Saturday had its "events", one which was our spaghetti dinner fundraiser, which Dakota decided to take a dare and stick two cupcakes in it.  I happened to notice while he was piling his cup, napkin, etc. on top of a full plate of spaghetti, that he was getting ready to pitch all of his food.  That's when Amber told me what he had done.  I, like a good mother, told him to sit back down and eat it!  I wonder whose was better-Kota's spaghetti with cupcakes in it, or his friend's spaghetti with applesauce in it!  (Can you hear my loud sigh, and see me rolling my eyes???)

Not too much else was eventful, other than the Nerf gun war that was going on in his room after I told the boys it was bedtime. 

Sunday is my day to worship the Lord, and then give Him the opportunity to speak to me in a dream in the afternoon between services!  =D

Dan and I rode separately to church, and he got home with the boys first.  He let me know that the boys went on a bike ride.  After they hadn't returned for 45 minutes, I had to go find them.  I knew where they were, and Kota informed me that when he says he is going on a bike ride, it also means he is stopping at a friend's house.  I had the boys come home-they needed to eat, among other things.

We didn't have a formal dinner, but I must say my crock pot scalloped potatoes and ham was very good!  The mint chocolate chip pie was pretty good too!  And after I ate, I headed upstairs for my nap.

After about an hour, and hearing many doors slam during my nap, I got find..... water spray bottles in the garage and the garage wet-the boys had a water fight.
....a mound of ants on my tile by my fireplace-and we just had our house professionally sprayed 3 weeks ago!
....a wet spot I kept stepping in on the livingroom carpet.
....a bunch of soaked clothes in the bottom of Kota's hamper. vase with change on the diningroom table, emptied, with a small amount of pennies left on the table.

After I sucked up the ants with the vacuum, and then dumped the vac container in the garage trash, I continued to find more ants!  And then I noticed.....a very thin line.....of.....SQUIRT CHEESE in the corner of the tile???  I wiped up as much as I could reach, but some was under the metal strip at the edge of the carpet.

After I inquired, I learned that the squirt cheese was put there on purpose to lure the ants. I'm sure it was Dakota, and not his friend who did this.  I calmly let him know I didn't want him to do that again, and was grateful to learn a food fight with squirt cheese hadn't taken place during my nap. 

I also learned that the wet spot on the carpet was from the boys trying to drown the ants that were previously on the carpet, that were now lured to the tile by the fireplace.  Dakota let me know that the kitties had batted the squirt cheese bottle or lid on the floor, and some of it got on the carpet.  That's why there were ants on the rug in the first place. 

Sighing with a bit of exasperation, I was again at least relieved that they didn't have a water fight in my livingroom.

I asked about my change vase, and learned that they had used all but the few pennies to buy lemonade or tea from the boy across the street.  I told him to ask next time he ROBS me, of course, but oh, the drink was SOOOO good, he says!

I did let out another sigh upon finding out that there was a bee in Kota's room, but that the boys Nerf-gunned it to its death.....this was actually after my nap.  Sigh.....

So!  The big question of the day is.....

With what I woke up to, did I really need that nap?

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Angela Marie said...

Well, my dear, think of all the frustration you would have dealt with keeping all of that from happening. So yeah, the nap was the best alternative. lol

Faye said...

It sounds like the two boys needed a long, long, long, long nap or (I'll leave it to your imagination)!!!!!

Faye said...

I have a question - when is your next blog going to be? :)