Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Two

First of all, let me tell you about the play, Joseph, in Lancaster, PA at the Millineum Theater.  It was phenomenal!  If you watched my link short video, you would have seen Joseph flying--yes, this was done in the play as well!  Very much worth the visit!  We'd like to do it again sometime!

The only mis-hap, or course, was my own.  I tried to put my pop between my knees, and ended up dumping the whole thing all over the floor!  We had to get an attendant to clean it up, and she called over another to help her.  Oooppssss!!! 

So anyway, today was a busy day!  We drove to Washington DC, and our hotel is very nice!  We rode the subway-this is a first for me!  I think......unless I rode one with my aunt when I was much younger. 

Due to a police situation, we didn't get to our destination when planned-they shut quite a bit of the subway trains down, which resumed later, but it was getting late by then.  We walked to the Women's Memorial, and hope to go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier tomorrow, among other things.

I learned something new about myself today.  I am a City girl, with a capital C, but I am not a BIG City girl!  I don't think I could do the subway daily, and traffic that even made Dan feel tense!  Just give me a small town with a Walmart, and a mall within an hour, and I'll be fine. 

Oh, by the way!  Our hotel room in Washington is very nice-like a small apartment!  We got two rooms, so there is no crowding!  We'll be here for 3 nights, and then on toward Tennessee!

If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know!  :)

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ParkerMama said...

Glad you enjoyed the play!

The older I get though the more I want to move away to the middle of nowhere. ;D