Friday, April 2, 2010

Day One, So Far we are in York, PA-thank you Lord, for a safe trip!

We're on our way out to see the live production of Joseph and his coat of many colors in about half an hour-that way we will have time to eat too.

So far, the events of the day:

1.  Dan started off on the wrong foot when he asked me if I changed my clothes because my skirt was too tight.  HOW INSULTING!!!!!  I mean, really, didn't he JUST tell me he thought this event was somewhat dressy, and my denim skirt wasn't dressy enough?  He couldn't have seen that I couldn't get it hooked and zipped-my shirt was pulled down over it! 

Okay, okay-so I admit.....SOMEONE MOVED THE HOOK CLOSURE!!!  I think there is a conspiracy against me!  And Dan must be in on it!  He's probably the one who moved the closure, so he could imply I've gained weight!

2. And THEN he had the nerve to mention that our rental van wasn't as zippy as it had been last night when he and the girls went to pick it up.  Casually, he claims, he then changes the subject and asks about my skirt again!

3. Next, we had a delicious lunch at Sheetz---seriously!  I had a flatbread mozz and tomato sandwich with pesto sauce.  The eventful part of it all is that Sheetz has become high tech!  You order your meal on a screen-step by step, and then they call your number!  Amber ordered a sub with about 10 different choices on it, Dakota's order for hot dogs was punched in, Elissa had her order punched in, and then I went to punch in my order....I accidentally cancelled our entire order!  Needless to say, everyone had to re-punch in their orders, and Elissa punched in mine because she didn't trust me next to the screen anymore.

It probably doesn't help that I stayed up til about 5 a.m. on purpose, and that I was a bit slap happy.

4. The only other eventful thing that has happened to me is that while I had my eyes closed, resting, I suddenly had coffee on my hand, and Dan had it all over his pants, shirt, steering wheel, and anything else in the near vicinity.  Somehow he choked on his canned coffee, and sprayed the entire driver's section of the van. 

After all of his implications that I was gaining weight this morning, he still had the nerve to ask me to help him clean the mess up.  OBVIOUSLY he is able to multi-task.  I mean, he was driving over 55 mph and drinking coffee at the same time.  I'm sure he could drive and clean his mess up at the same time too! 

As long as he behaves at the play, I think I'll forgive him.  And actually, the Bible does teach us to forgive each other, as God has forgiven us--and since my family forgave me for erasing their entire order today, I think I'll forgive Dan for the coffee outburst.  I'm ONLY forgiving him for the weight comments because Jesus is commanding me to!  =P

Truthfully, we're having a great day!  We're excited to go see this play, as it is a major production!  I'll do my best to update with all the great happenings throughout the next several days.

Laura, hug my kitties for me!

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Laura Masiker said...

Sounds like fun! I am so glad that you are having such a good time.

Your kitties are doing good. I spent half an hour there today; Chloe kept loving and loving me. She kept attacking my hair with her claws and then loving the back of my neck.

Another great post! Thanks for sharing!