Monday, August 17, 2009

Sophistication At It's Finest

Ahh....raising daughters to be lady-like is such a rewarding experience. Once they reach their full sophistication potential, you are in for a treat! I found this out yesterday!

Dan is recovering from surgery, so it was the just kiddos and me coming home from church.

We stopped by Country Fair gas station/mini store to buy a newspaper, and I parked at the end of the parking lot, near the road. When I opened my car door, the $10 bill I had in my lap fell out of the car. I looked for it, but couldn't see it, so Dakota got out to help me look. Down on his knees, and me bending over, both of us looking under the car, we spotted it.

My lovely daughter Amber, with her ruffly top, black skirt and high heels, gets out of the car to help as well.

Since, I can't reach the money, I am planning to back the car up, so the one of the kids can grab it. Before I could move the car, Dakota says that he'll get it. And Amber, in her heels, ruffly blouse and dressy black skirt(yes, I know I already mentioned this--trying to give you a mental picture of her being very dressed up!), says, "I'll get it."

In the blink of an eye, on the concrete in the Country Fair parking lot, Amber was down on her knees, the upper half of her body slinked down under the car, reaching for the money. Since it wasn't quite close enough, this beautiful girl with her fancy hair and lovely outfit had to lay completely flat, on the concrete parking lot, halfway under my car, reaching for money.

She did get it. I was laughing so hard at this "what's wrong with this picture?" sight! Of course, this is the time I would park at the end of the parking lot, near the road! And I am sure that many passerby's were looking, while they sat at the red light.

So what was a mother to do? When she was back on her feet and handed me the money, I hugged her! It was such a joyous, fun moment.

During the night last night, I woke up. I didn't fall right back to sleep and started thinking about Amber's money rescue.

Can you get a mental picture of my parked car, and legs in a black skirt sticking out under the back end? I got to thinking.....

Minus an ambulance, Dakota and I were both looking under the car....with people all around, and a pair of legs sticking out, laying probably looked like I ran her over!!!

I'm sure we gave Titusville a good laugh! I know it gave me a good laugh! :)

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Faye said...

I can visualize the "accident scene"! lol