Friday, August 28, 2009

Louie, Part 1

Well, Monday is the first day of school....

Hot diggity d...!!!!!

I mean, I'm looking forward to a good year for my kiddos! :)

Stay tuned next week, for I have a wonderful story to tell you about Louie!

A few facts about Louie and our house....

1. Louie is a chocolate lab that lives down the road from my burned house, on a farm

2. Louie loves kids, and his owners' children are all grown

3. I have a big heart for animals

4. My old house had a crawl space that had an opening in the back of the house, and also had an opening in my laundry room(my laundry room was 2 steps down, making it slightly lower than the main floor in my ranch home)

5. Louie's owners don't let him roam the neighborhood, and search for him when he wanders off.

Check back next week for all the details! And have a wonderful weekend!

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