Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Is She Laughing?

Several years back, life could be hectic, and it was a time when Dakota was still in diapers.

On one rainy day, I had to hurry home after washing my white clothes in town because one of my Home Interior customers was stopping by. I threw my basket of whites in the trunk of the car, loaded up my children and headed home.

I drove from the far end of town, got to the last red light before leaving town, and remembered...I need diapers!!! I turned around, drove all the way back thru town, bought my diapers, and headed home for real this time.

I hadn't taken my laundry in the house yet, just the children, and my customer arrived.

So we took care of business, and she left.

When I was going out to unload the car, Elissa headed out just ahead of me. She started laughing uncontrollably, and was pointing to the trunk of the car, where I had stuck my whites. As I looked closer, I saw what she was laughing at....

I had just driven thru town 3 times, and had a customer pull into my driveway behind my car with an item that got loose from my basket, and was stuck between the hood and the body of the trunk of the car.

It was a pair of white underwear.

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Faye said...

Just realized I hadn't commented on this one! If the underwear would have been red, people might have thought your face was reflecting them!