Saturday, June 27, 2009

The City Girl, The Country Mouse, And a Few Others

Can you believe that there was a time when I was very afraid of bees and mice??? I'm still not crazy about finding either in my home, but I can tolerate them a little better. I was thinking back to a time when I was afraid of mice, and thought, I need to put this story on my blog!!!

So! Once upon a time....

It was probably about 8 years ago, I was home in the evening, and Dan, Elissa and Amber were at music practice. Kota must have been in bed.

I was sitting in the office, and thought I saw something run across the livingroom floor. I cautiously walked into the livingroom, and yes! Sure enough, there was a mouse staring back at me!

I hurried to the kitchen, and grabbed some cheese and a mousetrap-needless to say, I was SHAKING!!! Not to mention, I didn't know how to set a mousetrap, but I was trying! Oh yeah-like I'm going to set the trap down, and the mouse is going to come running to it anyway! (Yes, those pesky Blon roots of mine!)

Just then, Dan returned home, and I told him there was a mouse in the livingroom.

Dan and Elissa, armed with my mop and broom, headed for the livingroom! And I did what Aunt Jemima would do...I got up on the stool in the kitchen to protect myself!!!

The chase began, and the little mouse dodged and darted all thru the livingroom, under furniture, along the walls, over here, over there.....

Mop and broom were swinging! Dan was breaking out in a sweat, and turning over all of my furniture! He and Elissa both swung their weapons at the same time at the little critter, and instead, hit each other's mop and broom, breaking BOTH!

We had a bay window, and I'm sure if anyone drove by, they would have been POSITIVE that we had gone MAD!!!

Yes, once again, my brilliance shined thru my air-headed-ness, and a lightbulb appeared over my head!

I noticed the mouse was mostly running along the walls, so I took the trash bag out of our trash can, and laid the can against the wall. Sure enough the mouse ran in within minutes. I set the can up, and we took the critter into the kitchen. Those little fellas can jump! Fortunately, he couldn't jump high enough to get out tho.

By now, my livingroom looked as if we had been ransacked, with couches overturned and everything out of place! That little mouse caused quite an uproar! So guess what we did?

When he looked up at me from the trash can, with those big, baby brown eyes, I just couldn't resist! We gave him some cheese and then Dan took him across the street to the woods and let him go.

The end. :)

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Faye said...

Reminds me of a "bat story" I am familiar with! lol