Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Roots Are Showing

Oh brother....

Like I've mentioned before, my maiden name is Blon. This has greatly affected my ability to always think rationally, add simple numbers(like the time I figured 10 tickets at the go carts, at $3 each, cost over $100), and catch jokes when they are told. Yes, I probably have experienced one or two of the blonde jokes in real life, which brings me to a conversation I had last night.....but the funny thing was, maybe I thought it was my mother-in-law with Blon roots! Let me explain...

Mom came to visit last night, and she was showing me pictures on her digital camera, of her trip down south. They just returned Thursday night, and they had a wonderful time.

She started telling me about the rice paddies in Arkansas, and how they were flooded. She was showing me pictures, but you could only see the small pictures so well on such a small camera screen. I saw a lot of water, and a little bit of green. She was just talking about all the water, and how people are afraid of their cars going off the sides of the roads, lest they drown in all the water!

She mentioned the paddies a few times, and I was trying to get a mental picture. She was telling me how they grow, etc. As I'm trying to get a visual, all I can see in my mind are Quaker rice cake circles, and I'm thinking, "You cannot convince me that rice cake circles grow in fields!" I'm envisioning puffy rice in clumps, and I just knew this couldn't be possible. I mean, I might be a Blon, but I'm no blonde, whether I've experienced a few of the blonde jokes in real life or not!

Fortunately for me, my hubby was sitting in the next room, and could hear our conversation. He finally chimed in because he could tell that what Mom was telling me was not connecting.

When she was telling me about the paddies, I thought she was talking about PATTIES!!! You know, like chicken patties, beef patties, that sort of thing. And that explains why I was seeing Quaker rice cakes in my mind!

Now in my defense, I have never been down south. I have never heard of a paddy before! So of course I thought she was saying patty! And you can see why I was thinking it may be her with the Blon roots!

It's a good thing I've been in the family for so many years, and they already love me! If I were just Dan's girlfriend, his parents may try to warn him before we got married....."Now Dan, do you realize there are going to be many times when those "Blon" roots pop up, and you are just going to have to pat Josanne on the shoulder, and say, "It's okay dear, we understand"???"

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Faye said...

"It's okay, dear, we understand." lol