Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best Smelling Laundry EVER!!!

Well, my Blon roots have appeared once again!  

I made one of my weekly trips to the laundromat yesterday, and I only needed to dry our clothes.  I saw someone at the other end of the laundromat that I thought I knew, but couldn't see quite good enough to tell. I kept glancing that way while I put my clothes in the dryers and got my first load started.

I got the one load going, and my husband's friend Jeff came down my way-so yes, I did know him.  While I was talking to him, I looked around for my dryer sheets, and was a bit stumped-I was sure I brought them.  I went and looked in the car-not there.  Looked in my empty baskets-not there either.  I started to call my daughter to see if I left them on the counter at home, but then hung up because I spotted them!  They were spinning in my first dryer-the whole box!
Noooo.......of course in the first 3 minutes they couldn't just stay in the box until I found them.  I pulled out an empty box that had been at least half full!  So I stood there and sifted the clothes for all of the dryer sheets, folded them and stuck them back in the box.

I'll be able to re-use the sheets, but they sure made that one load smell great!  Can you imagine if I had left them in for the whole time?  Since the sheets are anti-static, I  think each piece of clothing might act like when you try to force two magnets together and can't.  Maybe I would have been the star of the local laundromat show for my levitating load of laundry!

Next time I'll just pay attention to what I'm doing!  Sorry Jeff(hubby's friend)!  The laundry is demanding my full attention--I think I proved I can't multi-task too well!  :) 

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