Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Happens When You're Sick and Overloaded

It's Fall in beautiful Pennsylvania, but unfortunately, something usually goes along with it for LOTS of us.  Getting sick.

It's incredible how the common cold with a touch of sore throat can make you SOOOOOOO miserable!!!  Not to mention, I am a horrible baby when I get sick!  But I am proud of myself this time.  Why?  Because I didn't tell everyone on my Facebook page!  =)


What has transpired since I've been trying to un-clutter my online commitments?  As I'm working on updating my website, posting on my other blog, and helping my daughter decorate her apartment by making some homemade decorations, I still haven't gotten any new bouquets made to show all of you!  I have a tote full of the things I need to make some cute bouquets, including lots of chocolate.  I'm good at keeping out of it.  If I buy it for my bouquets, it gets used for my bouquets.

Being sick and dieting actually caused me to cave!  I got out my little fun size candy bars and ate them!  Some of them were eaten to just help my throat feel coated, instead of scratchy!

So anyway!  That being said, I will share a chocolate website with you that has a TON of chocolates, and if you are on overload like me, and are looking for a gift for a friend, you will enjoy the selection they have to offer! 

Christmas will be here soon!

These are high quality!

Want to check out some info on chocolate too?

Don't forget!   Most women agree that her best friend's name is Chocolate.  She LOVES to see her best friend during the holidays, and pretty much any other day of the year!

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