Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I Want For Christmas.....Part 4 (The Final Post Of The Series)

Well folks, Christmas is 2 days away, and I better get this up if I am going to have any hopes of getting my final gift on my Christmas list!

This product is AMAZING!  I can't believe they even offer it to the general public!

I love my husband.  He's good at changing the trash if Dakota doesn't get to it, he rinses his dishes, and he even sweeps the floor for me occasionally-PLUS he took over paying the bills!

If the house has a problem, he'll get around to fixing it before too much damage is done.  Only a few weeks of nagging, begging, pleading, and finally tears, and TA-DA!  My problem is fixed!

But this guy, Anthony Sullivan, is incredible!  He has his own little tool kit-that colorful tape that's prettier than duct tape, and he comes right to your door to take care of your problems!  This man actually walks around LOOKING for things to fix, inside AND outside of your home!

Leaking pipes?  No problem!  Anthony will fix it!

Is your microwave ready to explode and burn down your house?  Relax!  Anthony will fix it!

Have a problem dropping your cell phone in the toilet?  Contact Anthony-he'll help you to never have THAT problem again!

Cracked engine cradle under your car, making it unsafe to drive?  I'd be willing to bet he'll even get under the car for you and wrap that baby up! 

Leaky roof?  Anthony's probably not even afraid of heights!  A single layer of his special tape, and you'll save $4,000 since you won't need a new roof!

I want him!  PLEASE, people!  Get him for me for Christmas! 

Didn't you hear him?  He's Anthony Sullivan, with Mighty Fixit tape! 

What I can't believe is that he's not completely booked from now until 2250!  And you cannot beat the price-plumbers charge $80 an hour!!!

Am I the only one who has seen this commercial?

I do get a little confused at the end tho-does he only come with three rolls of tape?  Do I have to pay extra when his tape runs out?  And it doesn't clarify how long I get to keep him-maybe you can ask when you call to order him for me.

(In case the commercial caught your attention, as far as the actual product, I have read that the tape really works!  Just thought I'd let you know!)  

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Faye said...

I wonder why he wasn't using black on the black pipes? lol