Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahh....this is the life!

Well folks, we're off! We're leaving my sister-in-law's place and heading to Oklahoma-not sure where we're going to stop yet, but I'm sure something will catch our attention along the way. We'd like to go to Calvert's-the restaurant of the thrown rolls-any of you ever been there?
We enjoyed our stay with Dan and Jen, and I got a lesson in bugs from my niece and nephew. Apparently Breanna was saving the shell of secada bugs-and let me telll ya, they are GROSS, heebie-jeebie gross!!! She had thrown them out, but went and got one to show me, and the shell is an entire body of a bug! Breanna started walking toward me with the shell, and I started backing up. She then stuck the shell to her shirt-ugh! Oh, I seriously had the creepy-crawlies! And of couse, my nephew Connor is a boy thru and thru-he got one of the shells and with outstretched hand, was coming for me! I backed up as I was warning him that he absolutely did NOT want to stick that thing on his Aunt Josanne. He attempted a few more times, but between my warnings and his mother telling him to stop, I escaped with my wits still in tact. Phew! By the way, if you've never heard the noise secadas can make, you wouldn't believe it! The are SO noisy-they're all thru the trees, and they make quite a ruckus!

So anyway! You want to know why this is the life??? Because we are travelling in a 21st century car with air conditioning! Oh, I'm not opposed to older cars-after all, I've driven one for many years. But I must say, this is quite a luxury!

We would have had to rent a car for this trip if we didn't have this car, but I was just thinking of how it would be if we would have had to take my old car.

Can you just imagine us travelling from PA to OK in my un-air conditioned, half rusted, older than my middle child, don't look too good even if it's waxed, 1993 car? REMEMBER-we're going to OKLAHOMA, and THEN to TEXAS!!! Can you say SCORCHING HOT WEATHER??? So you KNOW we'd be travelling with all the windows down, and possibly the trunk open, if we thought it might help cool the car down! If we showed up in your rear-view mirror on the highway, no, it wouldn't be our dog with it's head out the window-it would be ME! Or it might be Dan, if he wants to share the driving with me, and I am the one behind the steering wheel at the time. And no, a thunder cloud would not be following you, that would just be my car. If we would happen to stop at the same gas station, I would appreciate if you would let me know if I have bugs in my teeth, from when you thought I was the family dog in your rear mirror. =) And by the way, my waist length hair whipping in the wind probably would have looked like we had a dark Irish Setter!

That of course, is only the ride TO Oklahoma. Since we're going to church, I'd have to brush all the knots out of my hair-and then decide if I'd curl my hair for church, or wear it up. If I wear it up, we would have to keep the windows up on the way to church because the wind will mess my hair up! I'm NOT so vain(OBVIOUSLY-if I were taking my old jalopy!), but I would like to be presentable, and if you have very long hair that you've worn up in a pretty style, you know what I'm talking about! Since women don't sweat-we GLOW-I would be arriving to the church service GLOWING PROFUSELY. Everyone might think Dan and I RAN to church, since I'd be glowing, and Dan would be looking like a sweating hog. If they had seen my car, they'd also probably just figure we broke down on our way to church. But if I would wear my hair down, we could roll the windows down, but the window side of me would look as if I had dreadlocks! I might still be glowing anyway, since we are talking about Oklahoma in August.

BUT! Since my 2002 car has air, I don't even have to worry about it!!! is good!


Anonymous said...

great thoughts - i like them

Faye said...

The restaurant for the thrown rolls is Lambert's. Have a great time!!! We haven't gotten to eat there yet, too long of a wait unfortunately.