Thursday, January 28, 2010

Even I Am Not THAT Blon-d!

This is what happened:

I was sitting on the floor in the bedroom wrapping Christmas presents, while Dan was also in there with me.

I heard someone approach the bedroom door(you know how mothers are-we have many senses past the 5th well known ones--one being sensing when someone is in your bedroom at 3 a.m., and one being when you sense someone coming to your bedroom door while wrapping gifts! 

I heard a very faint knock on the door, and about the same time, I tapped on the gift box I had in front of me.

I said, "Who is it?"

And Dan said, "That was you."

What Dan THOUGHT happened:

I was sitting on the floor wrapping gifts.  I tapped on the box in front of me.  I said, "Who is it?"

Okay, even I am not THAT ditzy!  I mean, come on!  Give me SOME credit!!!

Of course, if he really thinks I'm that Blon-d, I could probably get away with a lot of things, and he would not get angry, he would just look at me with pity and a very sympathetic mind!  Hmm....let me think of some good things I could come up with.....

How about running a load of whites in the washer, using up all the hot water while he showers? 

How about clipping my toenails on his side of the bed?

Or maybe using mustard in a recipe that calls for cheese since I'm out of cheese, and mustard is the same color?

Ya know, this could turn out to be a lot of fun!  Hmm.....

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Nita Bonita said...

Lol, oh yeah, that does sound like a lot of fun, and something I so would use for pranks ;) lol