Thursday, October 29, 2009

The New Girls In Town

I'm thankful for my faithful readers, and bearing with me during my slow times....I haven't posted much lately. I hope to get back in the swing of things soon!

I do have some news to share with you all, tho!

We are now the proud owners of two beautiful grey striped baby girl kitties-Diamond and Chloe. Oh, what sweeties!!!

My girls and I went to the mall Tuesday, and we decided to eat in the mall. Well, we had to walk by the pet store to get there, and we stopped to look at the kittens.

I'm sure you all know how it went from there...we've been wanting a cat, but I've been holding out hope to find my own princess, Jazz. The girls "talked" me into the grey sisters, and we brought them home.

We didn't tell Dan that we got them, and it is VERY unlike me to just bring a pet home without talking to Dan first. The thing is, we have talked about getting another cat, so I knew Dan wouldn't object. NOT to mention the times he's brought home puppies, a rabbit, and a black rat without consulting me first! lol After 16 years of marriage, I guess it's my turn! :) (Nah, I wouldn't really do such a thing if I didn't already know he'd be ok with it!)

Anyway, Dan was sitting in the livingroom when we got home, and Elissa was hiding behind Amber with the cat cage, when we came in the house. She opened the cage door and just let the kitties come out on their own, and then Dan saw them. I can't remember if Chloe climbed up on Dan, or if one of us set her in his lap, but his heart was stolen by this sweet little girl instantly! She loved all over Dan, and then curled up on him and stayed there for probably 20 minutes. It was love at first sight! Or lick!

A day and a half later, the little girls are making themselves at home-they are very happy here! They purr and play quite a bit, when they are not sleeping. They are about 9-11 weeks old, and we're glad we got both kitties, because they are quite attached to each other. They cry for each other, if they are apart for very long.

We're very happy in our new home, and now with our furry friends, our home feels more complete. :)

Have I given up on my baby Jazz? Noo....I still hope to find her, and I still cry over her.

The good news is....a friend is moving to our land where our house burned-putting a trailer on the land for a while. I've felt that if we had ever built on our land again, that it wouldn't surprise me if Jazz would show up someday. This is still my hope, but with our friend living there, someone will be out there much more than I am able to be out there, and with the colder months coming, my hope is that Jazz will show up on the doorstep and want in.

Then she would be the Queen of our home, and Diamond and Chloe will be the little princesses. :)

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