Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Little of This And That, And a Quote to Keep You Pondering

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are well! It's beautiful in PA, and fall has arrived! I cannot tell you all how THRILLED I am to have a REAL source of heat this year! WE used to heat with wood at our old house, but now we have forced air heat, and I couldn't be more delighted! And it still amazes me how God has everything in control...with Dan falling out of a tree and having major back and neck surgery, he would not be able to cut wood this year anyway! We could buy it, but it would get costly.

Speaking of Dan, I think we can say that we are thru the worst of pain-he came to church today without his neck brace on, and is working on exercising his neck. Unfortunately, he has developed something called Swan Neck, where his neck goes forward, almost as if he is slouching. But it is very hopeful that it was noticed in time, and physical therapy will start this week. So we're looking forward to the complete recovery!

I'm still calling for my cat--I tell you, if she doesn't become more affectionate when I find her, I will definately have to remind her of the HOURS I've searched for her, and tell her she better start being lovable! Just kidding. :) Actually, my family talks about getting another kitty, but I don't just want a cat, I want MY cat. She has such a sassy personality, and I miss it! She's my little girl, and I just love her to pieces. I've called and called for her--I actually think a cow answered me once! lol Hopefully when the leaves all fall, I will be able to see much better into all of the woods near our house, and hopefully I'll spot her! I just can't bring myself to give up hope. I'm still praying to find her!

Well just a little of this and that to share with you all! And one last thing.....

A great quote to start your week!.....
(The rightful owner of this quote is T. Dowd):

"Things are more like they are now than they ever were before."

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