Monday, August 3, 2009

Impressing My Church Friends

Years ago, I received a little red car from someone, a Ford Fiesta! It was about as big as a carboard box, but that was fine because it was my very own car! There was one thing about the car that I did find a challenge-it was a stick shift, a standard.

I didn't know how to drive a standard, but with the help and instruction from friends, I did learn.

I can't say that I had it down pat, but I could drive it! And one morning, my parents' vehicles were not available, so I had to drive my own cute little red, stick shift car to church. :)

How did it go-the drive to church? Well, I made it! A friend at church figured I probably became a more spiritual person on the way there...."Oh Jesus, help me!" "Lord, don't let me hit that curb!", and so on!

Well, my arrival at church was no great deal, but my departure was incredibly embarrassing! You would think that I chose this moment to impress all of my church friends.

My church sat close to the corner at an intersection, so cars are near the church doors when they are at the stop sign.

I had pulled up to the stop sign, bracing myself for the ride home, and a car pulled up behind me. You know what I did? I panicked! I was afraid I would accidentally drift into the car behind me when starting to drive. So in my panic, I didn't balance the gas and clutch quite right, and I SQUEALED tires the entire way across the intersection! I wish I could do sound effects for you!

Ladies and gentlemen, I couldn't do that again if I TRIED!!! I must admit that most of the church family was already gone, but of ALL PLACES to squeal tires! And I must admit, I did laugh and laugh after I made it across the street! It's nearly 20 years later, and I'm still laughing.

Ahh...a blast from the past-shared with you. :)

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