Saturday, June 13, 2009

Almost a Compliment

I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined the YMCA. I've been rather busy this week, so I've only worked out once so far. But wow! With one friend of mine, she nearly made it seem that the results were already showing!

We often pass around clothes at our church, if something doesn't fit quite right, or our kiddos outgrow and outfit. Another family in the church can often use the "new" items.

So, we were at the water fountain at church, and my friend asked me, "Do you wear a size 8?". Instantly after her question, my head tilted up and a small, involuntary "HA!HA!" type of sound came from my lips.

Now, this is what gets me~why didn't my friend think I was laughing at a silly joke I had heard earlier? Why didn't she think I was remembering something cute one of my kids did?

After the sound came from my mouth, my friend immediately said, "I mean, in shoes!"

Unbelievable! Here, I felt very complimented, and then she just had to bring me back to reality! Thanks a lot, Sis!

So what is someone going to say to me next? "You look like you are 20!" And when I am so elated that I feel the urge to hug them, will they say something like, "Oh, I meant in DOG YEARS!"??? Or, "Have you been dieting? I mean, on brownie sundaes or something?"

Well, I guess I'll just have to keep going to the gym. Sigh.

Maybe the next time if someone asks me if I'm a size 8, I'll be able to smile and say, "Why, yes I am-in dress size or shoes?".

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