Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally Home!

Almost home!

When this is posted, I will be home! Twelve days of travelling, and we're ready to see our own familiar roads, and sleep in our own wonderful beds!

A few things are in order when we get home:

1. Hours and hours of love for the kitties! I'm sure they'll sleep with us tonight-Chloe will most likely sleep with Dakota, and if Diamond will be a good girl and go to sleep without jumping up on my dresser to attack my flower arrangement first, she can sleep with us.

2. Taxes! I know, I know! They should be done by now, but to be honest, they nearly slipped our minds! But there is a reason! Remember-last year, neither of us worked much, due to our house fire and Dan getting seriously injured. Fortunately, there won't be that much to do, so it won't take long.

3. Grocery shopping! I'm not sure what is on the list yet, but I can tell you what is NOT on the list! Pop! Candy! Fattening junk foods! Time to work on the eating habits! Eating out for two weeks was a nice break, but it's not always the healthiest choices, and not quite as I as in your own home.

Here are a few travelling tips from me:

Here are a few tips that can make travelling easier and more enjoyable:

1. Get a GPS. It helps you avoid many wrong turns, and gives you an estimated time that you wil arrive to your destination. It eliminates quite a bit of stress-espeically for nervous road travellers like myself.

2. Try to do most of your laundry before you get back home. I did laundry three times, and only have one or two loads to do when we get home. Everything just needs put away.

3. Buy storage saver bags. Put your clothes in them, use a vaccuum or pump/deflater to suck out the extra air, and fill your suitcases. You fit more in your bags using these savers, needing less luggage.

4. Be spontaneous at least a little bit of your trip. The play Joseph, and our church meeting was the only part of our vacation that way planned, which left us 9 days to do whatever else we wanted. We had the general idea of where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to do, but rarely needed to be anywhere at a certain time. This is another stress-buster, not to mention that some places people choose to vacation actually have a lot of attractions, shops and entertainments that are not on brochures that you may have.

5. Don't stress when you are on vacation-try to enjoy! Have fun with your kiddos and hubby, don't stress over spilled drinks at McDonald's, or running 5 minutes late for a show. Having a good time is what you are out to do, and the little mistakes aren't really that big of a deal. So enjoy!

And I hope these tips help, if you venture out this summer, into the big, wide world!

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