Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twelve Year Olds Carrying Machine Guns

Amber, my 15 year old daughter, was talking to a friend the other day-a boy who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  They were talking about food, and Amber mentioned that she doesn't eat lamb(she feels bad for those innocent little guys), but she thinks deer steaks are pretty good.

Her friend, whose name I won't reveal in case he stumbles across my blog and is terribly embarrassed, then asks Amber something along the lines of,

"You guys hunt up there?  What do you use-machine guns?"

This was TOO funny-can you imagine a few little boys walking thru the woods, and their chests are all stuck out because they're carrying MACHINE GUNS???  Any deer they would see would be DEAD, thus leaving out the right to call it "game".

Can you imagine one of those 12 year olds when his venison is being served for dinner?  "Sorry there's not much meat, Ma.  I really think they should allow more deer tags per hunter."  And OH, the hunting stories that could probably come from carrying MACHINE GUNS!  Knowing little boys, they'd definitely try to out-do each other.  "Oh yeah?  Well I put 47 shots in mine!"  "Well my 24 shots made a perfect smiley face, and I didn't even TRY!"

Ahh....such is the vast difference in understanding between the big city life, and the small city life.

I think I know why they are trying to outlaw guns now.

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laughwithusblog said...

From someone who grew up shooting birds with B-B gun. Haaaaaa! So funny